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British Columbia Partnership announces that rebuilt “Water Balance Model” is now LIVE!

Linux Platform Enables Expanded Capabilities The Water Balance Model for British Columbia is a scenario comparison tool. Launched in 2003, it can help local governments create a future watershed vision by informing their decisions about the impacts, or not, of their ‘water footprint’ on watershed health. “Rebuilt on a Linux platform, the Water Balance Model (WBM) is now quicker and cleaner to use. Also, it
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The Plan for the Future: Implementation Status Reports for 2010 and 2011

The Water Balance Model Partnership is systematically implementing enhancements that will materially expand the decision support capabilities of the Water Balance Model (WBM). Commencing in July 2010, the the Partnership has been issuing status reports at the end of every month. These are intended to keep the “WBM community-of-practice” fully informed.  The Partnership is looking for timely feedback on user experiences so that the WBM team will
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Inter-Governmental Partnership released “The Plan for the Future” in 2009

Released by the British Columbia Inter-Governmental Partnership in November 2009, Water Balance Model for Canada – The Plan for the Future is a comprehensive document that will guide tool enhancement over the next three years.   What Stakeholders Need to Know “The Plan for the Future provides a concise synopsis of “need to know” information about the Water Balance Model,” explains Ted van der Gulik,
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3-year program will enhance capabilities of ‘Water Balance Model for Canada’

The rapid growth and success of the present second generation of the Water Balance Model has fuelled a level of user interest and need that has made it clear that the time has come for the next bold leap forward in the evolution of this web-based tool.   Enhancement of Water Balance Model The Water Balance Model Partnership is proceeding with implementation of a $500,000
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Updated web interface uploaded and full functionality restored (December 2008)

December 17, 2008 —- Commencing in mid-June, the Inter-Governmental Partnership (IGP) had been issuing Weekly Status Reports. In October, the IGP switched to monthly reports. This ensured Project Partners and Paying Subscribers were kept fully informed during the Beta Trial period. At year-end, the IGP is pleased to report that: All 43 items identified through the Ad Hoc Focus Group process have been completed. Furthermore, an
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